Swiss are not interested in a ‘third gender’

Swiss are not interested in a ‘third gender’

Tue, May 30th 2023

About 62% of Swiss residents are against introducing a third, “other” gender on official documents such as one’s passport.
Swiss LGBT activists with a flag in Zurich in 2016 (Keystone SDA).

Most of Switzerland is opposed to adding a third, “other” gender to official documents such as passports, visas and voting forms, according to a survey published Tuesday by local media outlet 20 Minuten.

Since 2021, Swiss residents have been allowed to change one’s first name and gender on officials documents – but only to male or female. There is a movement to add a third, “other” gender for those who identify as non-binary or for those who would rather not disclose their gender. In December 2022, the Swiss government announced that they were against adding a third gender as the “binary gender model is still strongly anchored in Swiss society.”

An image painted on the street during a gay pride march in Zurich in 2022 (Keystone SDA).
More on the survey

Tamedia researchers polled more than 30,000 residents from all over Switzerland on issues regarding culture, gender, and language.

When asked about whether the Swiss government should add a third, “other” gender option on official documentation, 62% said they were opposed.

Swiss are not interested in ‘woke’ language

Among those who said they were open to adding another gender, women were most in favor with 45% voting in favor. Meanwhile, only 26% of men said they were open to the third gender. Researchers said those in urban and suburban areas, as well as those with different levels of education were fairly evenly split on the issue.

Overall, about 48% of respondents say they view the issue “positively” or “fairly positively” while the remaining 52% view the issue “critically” or “fairly critically.” On that issue women again were more likely to view the issue positively with 58% reporting so. About 56% of men reported being critical of the additional gender option.

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