Swiss Asylum Law Changes June 1st

Swiss Asylum Law Changes June 1st

Mon, May 27th 2024

Swiss asylum laws updated to improve refugee employment, housing, and training from June 1.

Keystone/Ti-Press/Samuel Golay

Next Saturday, several amendments to Swiss asylum laws will take effect, aiming to improve refugee employment, housing, and training for undocumented migrants.

From June 1, temporarily admitted persons can move to another canton for work more easily, thanks to changes in the Foreign Nationals and Integration Act (FNIA). This is especially relevant if their commute is over 90 minutes, or the workplace is hard to reach.

Two additional amendments will lift the permit requirement for self-employment for those with hardship permits and remove the registration obligation for gainful employment for temporarily admitted persons, refugees, and stateless persons, provided their gross monthly salary does not exceed CHF 600.

Rejected asylum seekers and young undocumented migrants will also find it easier to complete vocational training, needing only two years of Swiss schooling instead of five. The application deadline for hardship applications will be extended from one to two years.

Furthermore, the federal government will contribute to short-term detention costs in cantonal exit centers during periods of high illegal border crossings, with a maximum daily rate of CHF 100.

These changes were passed by parliament in December 2022, with implementing provisions adopted by the Federal Council in May 2024.


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