Swiss Corruption Stagnant: No Progress in Transparency Ranking

Swiss Corruption Stagnant: No Progress in Transparency Ranking

Tue, Jan 30th 2024

Swiss corruption issues persist, with Transparency International highlighting Switzerland’s static fight against corruption in its latest CPI report.

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Swiss corruption remains at a standstill, as revealed in the 2023 Public Sector Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) by Transparency International. Ranking sixth with an 82 out of 100 score, Switzerland’s position reflects a persistent struggle against corruption despite a nominal rise in ranking. This score, consistent with the previous year’s, underscores a low susceptibility to corruption but also signals a lack of significant improvement.

The CPI, a global benchmark since 1995, assesses corruption perceptions in the public sector across 180 countries, with high scores denoting lower corruption levels. Despite this, areas outside the CPI’s scope, such as money laundering, private sector corruption, corporate prosecution, and whistleblower protection, see Switzerland lagging in reforms.

Calls for action resonate from Transparency Switzerland, advocating for better conflict of interest management, lobbying regulations, and nepotism countermeasures across federal levels. Martin Hilti, the organization’s managing director, emphasizes the recurring Swiss corruption incidents, pointing out the recent scandal in Biel involving the illicit issuance of residence permits.

The global landscape, as depicted in the CPI 2023, mirrors a pervasive corruption issue, with no substantial improvements and more than two-thirds of countries scoring below 50. Denmark and Sweden, alongside Switzerland, represent the higher echelons of the index, yet the universal average hovers around 43 points, indicating a widespread corruption challenge.

Swiss corruption, highlighted by unregulated lobbying and prevalent nepotism, calls for a concerted effort towards transparency and accountability. As Switzerland stands at a crossroads, the path forward necessitates decisive action against the entrenched issues undermining its integrity.


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