Swiss Firm, Montana Aerospace: 2024 Q1 Performance

Swiss Firm, Montana Aerospace: 2024 Q1 Performance

Wed, May 8th 2024

Montana Aerospace AG shines in Q1 2024 with a robust 12% increase in net sales and a notable 61.7% surge in adjusted EBITDA.

KEYSTONE/Ennio Leanza

Montana Aerospace AG, a leader in the aerospace, e-mobility, and energy sectors, announced a remarkable first quarter in 2024. The company reported a 12% increase in net sales reaching EUR 395.7 million, bolstered by significant contributions from the Aerostructures and Energy segments claims a press release.

Adjusted EBITDA also saw an impressive rise of 61.7%, totalling EUR 38.2 million.

The Aerostructures segment was particularly stellar, with a 25% increase in net sales and a 94% boost in adjusted EBITDA, indicating efficient operations and high demand.

Conversely, the E-Mobility segment faced challenges, with a 14% decline in sales and a 42% drop in adjusted EBITDA, reflecting shifting market dynamics.

Looking ahead, Montana Aerospace remains confident in its 2024 guidance, expecting net sales around EUR 1.7 billion and an adjusted EBITDA between EUR 180 million to EUR 200 million.

The company also reaffirmed its 2025 targets, aiming for nearly EUR 2 billion in net sales and over EUR 250 million in adjusted EBITDA, underlining its commitment to growth and financial stability.

This financial upswing is a result of strategic acquisitions and organic growth, particularly in the Aerostructures segment, which now includes ASCO and Sao Marco. These additions have significantly enhanced the company’s market position and are expected to drive further economic benefits.

Montana Aerospace’s Q1 achievements highlight its robust strategy and operational excellence, positioning it well for sustained growth in the competitive aerospace market.

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