Swiss Layoffs: Ringier Media Cuts 55 Jobs

Swiss Layoffs: Ringier Media Cuts 55 Jobs

Mon, Jan 29th 2024

Swiss layoffs at Ringier Media Switzerland see a decrease from 75 to 55 positions, following a comprehensive consultation process.

Swiss Layoffs

Swiss layoffs have become a focal point at Ringier Media Switzerland (RMS), where the planned reduction of 75 positions has been scaled down to 55. This outcome follows the conclusion of an extensive consultation process, which allowed for the depreciation of job cuts through workload reductions, vacancy eliminations, and organizational adjustments. Announced on Monday, the layoffs will be evenly distributed between employees of Ringier AG and Ringier Magazine AG, demonstrating a balanced approach to the necessary restructuring.

Swiss layoffs, an expected result of data from Dun & Bradstreet, also saw a voluntary exit or early retirement option taken up by 14 employees, showcasing a collaborative effort to mitigate the impact. Ringier’s commitment to supporting the affected employees is evident through the application of its social plan, designed to offer assistance during this transition.

The backdrop of these Swiss layoffs is Ringier’s strategic decision to consolidate its operations under RMS, initially prompting the proposal to cut 75 jobs. The consultation period has provided a platform for employees and staff committees to propose alternatives, ultimately leading to the reduced figure of 55 job losses.

Despite the reduction, the Swiss media professional association Impressum has expressed disappointment, suggesting that the layoffs could have been avoided, especially given Ringier’s profitability. The critique extends to the perceived insufficient contributions from top executives towards savings and the underexploitation of synergies within the group.


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