Swiss Online Casinos See 14.3% Spike

Swiss Online Casinos See 14.3% Spike

Thu, May 23rd 2024

Swiss online casinos experienced a remarkable 14.3% revenue increase in 2023, while traditional casinos saw a slight decline.

Keystone/Wayne Parry

Swiss online casinos achieved significantly higher turnover in 2023, contrasting with stagnation in traditional casinos. Gross gaming revenue at the ten licensed Swiss online casinos rose by 14.3% to CHF 286 million, as announced by the Swiss Casino Association on Thursday. “The online business is permanently changing the Swiss casino industry,” said Marc Baumann, Board Member of Swiss Casinos.

Conversely, gross gaming revenue in traditional physical Swiss casinos fell by 1.1% to CHF 623 million. Switzerland has 21 state-licensed local casinos.

Casinos also paid more taxes in 2023, contributing around 409 million francs primarily to the AHV and local cantons, marking a 3.0% increase. Over the past 20 years, Swiss casinos have paid over 8 billion francs in taxes.


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