Swiss Venture Capital: Founderful Launches with $85M Fund II

Swiss Venture Capital: Founderful Launches with $85M Fund II

Tue, Feb 13th 2024

Swiss Venture Capital scene evolves as Wingman Ventures becomes Founderful, raising $85M for Fund II to bolster Swiss tech innovation. Aiming for a $120M close, the firm champions local startups in robotics, AI, and cleantech.

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Switzerland’s venture capital sector witnesses a significant transition with the transformation of Wingman Ventures into Founderful, as reported by tech crunch. Heralding a new era for the nation’s tech industry. The firm achieved an $85 million initial closure for its second fund to accumulate $120 million, already benefitting eight emerging startups.

The inception of Founderful was spearheaded by a trio of Swiss entrepreneurial figures: Pascal Mathis, co-founder of GetYourGuide; Alex Stöckl, previously with Creathor Ventures; and Lukas Weder, co-founder of The venture capital firm is committed to fostering local pre-seed startups, claims sifted. offering substantial support and funding centered around B2B software and industrial tech sectors, including robotics, AI, computer vision, and a spectrum of cleantech innovations.

Since its establishment in 2019, Founderful has had a tangible impact on the Swiss startup ecosystem. An initial funding pool of $60 million was allocated to 40 startups, creating more than 1,000 jobs and aiding founders to broaden their global business footprint. Notable achievements within Founderful’s portfolio include Wingtra, DePoly, and Corintis, which secured over $350 million in follow-on funding.

With the rollout of Fund II, Founderful aspires to invest in 8-10 startups annually, with a current focus on areas like alternative silicon chips, ESG reporting, security robotics, and lithium-ion batteries. The rebranding to Founderful indicates the firm’s unwavering commitment to deeply understanding and supporting founders, leveraging the comprehensive entrepreneurial experience of its founding team.

Founderful targets startups with teams with a strong drive and relevant industry experience, aiming to make a substantial impact on a global scale. The firm values startups that exhibit a strong alignment between the founder and the market according to start-up ticker. Alongside presenting innovative solutions to pressing global issues. This strategy is set to continue propelling the growth of Swiss Venture Capital, solidifying Switzerland’s position as a critical player in the realm of tech innovation and startup success.

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