Swisscom and Sunrise Settle Their Lawsuit

Swisscom and Sunrise Settle Their Lawsuit

Thu, Apr 25th 2024

Swiss telecom giants Swisscom and Sunrise have resolved their legal dispute averting a prolonged battle over mobile network sharing.

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A dispute between the telecoms companies Swisscom and Sunrise is apparently off the table. “The lawsuit is over. We have reached an agreement with Swisscom in the meantime,” said Sunrise CEO André Krause in an interview with the “Handelszeitung” (Thursday edition).

Swisscom had sued Sunrise for CHF 90 million in damages over a mobile phone sharing contract, as reported by the news agency AWP in February. The lawsuit was filed in January 2023, according to the annual report of Sunrise’s parent company Liberty Global.

“We have found a solution with Swisscom on terms that are economically insignificant for us,” Krause told Handelszeitung.

Swisscom have withdrawn the lawsuit. The Sunrise CEO did not want to say in the interview whether money had been paid: “We have agreed not to disclose the details.”

Swisscom had previously claimed a breach of the contract on the shared use of the mobile network that the then cable network operator UPC had concluded with Swisscom in 2017. UPC announced that it was switching from Salt to Swisscom for its mobile offering.

With the takeover of Sunrise by UPC owner Liberty Global, the migration of UPC mobile customers to the Sunrise mobile network began in mid-2021. Swisscom was left holding the bag.

The proceedings are being conducted before the Bern Commercial Court and are still pending, said a court spokeswoman in February at the request of AWP. Neither Swisscom nor Sunrise wanted to provide any information on the ongoing proceedings at the time.


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