The Greens Push for Extended Parental Leave in Switzerland

The Greens Push for Extended Parental Leave in Switzerland

Sun, May 26th 2024

The Greens demand extended and equal parental leave, aiming for 30 weeks per couple to support gender parity and workforce participation.

KEYSTONE/Jean-Christophe Bott

The Greens are campaigning for a significant extension of parental leave in Switzerland, aiming to put this demand to a national vote. According to party president Lisa Mazzone, parental leave must be extended beyond the current 14 weeks for both parents. Mazzone, speaking to the “NZZ am Sonntag,” highlighted that even 30 weeks per couple would be modest by international standards.

The Greens have consistently advocated for expanded parental leave and are now part of a core group forming a broad alliance for a popular initiative on this issue. The party emphasises the importance of a parity model, ensuring both parents share parental leave. This approach aims to break traditional gender roles and increase women’s participation in the labor market.

Mazzone stressed that parental leave should be financed through salary percentages, making it feasible for both large corporations and smaller companies to adopt these models. This financial structure is designed to support businesses of all sizes in providing adequate parental leave.


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