The Ticino Budget Dispute Settled in Federal Supreme Court

The Ticino Budget Dispute Settled in Federal Supreme Court

Mon, Mar 25th 2024

The Federal Supreme Court backs Ticino’s 2024 budget, affirming parliamentary decision against appeal for referendum rights on asylum and personnel policy provisions.


The Federal Supreme Court has rejected an appeal against the Canton of Ticino’s budget for 2024 adopted by parliament. The appeal was filed by former Ticino cantonal councillor Manuele Bertoli (SP) and a party colleague.

According to the complainants, the budget inadmissibly contains two provisions that are not subject to a referendum. These concern the costs of asylum and the personnel policy for cantonal employees.

By approving the 2024 budget in this form, the cantonal parliament had deprived the people of Ticino of a fundamental constitutional right, the complainants argued. They demanded the repeal of both provisions. The Supreme Court said no.

Is this a reasonable request? Shouldn’t the people of Ticino have a say on certain costs in their budget?


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