The world’s most expensive hot dog is in Switzerland

The world’s most expensive hot dog is in Switzerland

Tue, Nov 22nd 2022

Why the Swiss Army will be disrupting traffic over the next week, where Rolex is building a new production site, and more in our roundup of news from November 19 – 22.  

Some of Happy Souls’s more affordable creations (Credit: FM1Today).

Where to buy the ‘world’s most expensive hot dog’

You can eat the world’s most expensive hot dog for a limited time at Rudolf’s Christmas market in Lucerne, if you’re willing to drop CHF 250 ($260). The luxury dog can be purchased at the “Happy Souls” food stand, which is run by a catering company from Zürich. As is expected, the hot dog is not your ordinary ballpark frank. The sausage is made from fine Kobe beef and comes in a saffron bun. It is topped with white Alba truffles, Cristal Roederer champagne foam, gold-plated peppercorn, and just a dusting of Swiss chocolate crumble. Hopefully you’re not starving when you order, because it takes 40 minutes to create. Read more.

Swiss men are required to serve in the military in some capacity — but they never see action, thanks to its neutrality.

Swiss Army launches largest military exercise in decades

The Swiss Army will mobilize 5,000 soldiers beginning today and over the next week in a military exercise called “PILUM 22” – a coordinated effort that has taken two years to plan and prepare. The exercise is to evaluate the military’s ability to defend the country and her residents in case of an armed conflict, focused especially on ground forces. The exercise will involve four mechanized battalions, a mountaintop infantry troop, an electronic warfare troop, and a Special Forces Command. The Swiss Army, which has not run such an exercise since the 1980s, warned the public that it will cause noise and traffic disruptions across five cantons: Aargau, Bern, Lucerne, Solothurn and Zürich. Read more.

Rolex’s signature steel alloy, Oystersteel, is what makes its watches so durable and special.

Rolex to make CHF 1 billion investment in Switzerland

Luxury Swiss watch brand Rolex is slated to launch a new production site in the western Swiss city of Bulle – the site would mean a CHF 1 billion investment and 2,000 new jobs. The production site, planned for a plot of land the size of 10 soccer fields, still needs to be approved by the cantonal parliament. However, President of the Fribourg government said the project is “exceptional magnitude” and that authorities would “ensure it succeeds.” Rolex, which is headquartered in Geneva, produces more than one million timepieces every year and turned over a profit of nearly CHF 8 billion in 2021. It is the most successful Swiss watch brand in the world. Read more.

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