Trial for DIY Flamethrower Assault At A Winterthur Bus Stop

Trial for DIY Flamethrower Assault At A Winterthur Bus Stop

Wed, May 29th 2024

A 20-year-old faces over three years in prison for a violent pepper spray attack in Winterthur. His Swiss accomplice also faces charges.

KEYSTONE/Martin Ruetschi

A 20-year-old is accused of attacking and injuring a man with a lit jet of pepper spray at a Winterthur bus stop. The prosecutor seeks a three-year, ten-month prison sentence and a seven-year expulsion from the country.

A 20-year-old Swiss man is also charged with involvement. The prosecutor demands a 21-month sentence and a fine, both conditionally imposed for two years.

On September 3, 2022, a group of teenagers and a drunk man argued on a bus. At the “Waser” stop, the New Zealander sprayed the man’s face with pepper spray and set it on fire. The Swiss man threw a wooden board and punched the man.

Bystanders quickly extinguished the flames, preventing life-threatening injuries. The New Zealander faces charges of attempted grievous bodily harm, while the Swiss man is charged with assault and other offenses. The defense’s demands will be revealed during the two-day trial.


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