Two Men In Court After They Posted Viral Videos Driving 250 km/h

Two Men In Court After They Posted Viral Videos Driving 250 km/h

Thu, Apr 25th 2024

Two young drivers face serious penalties after posting high-speed joyrides on social media.


The police have identified two young speeders who posted videos of their journeys on social networks. A 21-year-old posted his journey at over 250 km/h on the highway on Snapchat. A 23-year-old posted his speeding on TikTok.

Both offenders were identified and sentenced by the public prosecutor’s office to pay fines and the costs of the court and administrative proceedings, as reported by the Valais cantonal police on Thursday.

One of the speeders was a repeat offender. For this reason, his driver’s license was permanently revoked. The other has lost his license for two years.

The incidents date back to 2022. In July of this year, one of the two speeding drivers shared a video on his Snapchat account in which he reached a top speed of over 250 km/h on a section of the A9 Rhône freeway in central Valais.

The other driver sped through a tunnel on the section of highway between Gamsen and Visp at a speed of 235 km/h instead of the permitted 100 km/h.

Posting speeding on the internet is apparently popular. The Valais judiciary is currently processing several criminal proceedings for similar circumstances, the police reported.


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