Winterthur police arrest 76-year-old drug dealer

Winterthur police arrest 76-year-old drug dealer

Tue, Oct 17th 2023

Winterthur city police have arrested two people suspected of being in the drug business on a large scale.

Photo by Colin Davis on Unsplash

They are a German, who is already 76 years old, and a 55-year-old Serbian.

The two were caught because the police checked them in the Töss district of the city. Small quantities of drugs were found, the city police said on Monday.

During the subsequent house search, the police officers then found the stock: 7 kilograms of marijuana, several hundred grams of cocaine and about 150 grams of heroin, plus cash.

When the personal details were checked, it turned out that the Serb had been expelled from the country. He was also wanted for arrest for outstanding fines. Both must now answer to the public prosecutor’s office.


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