Zurich Group & BOXX Partner: Cyber Insurance

Zurich Group & BOXX Partner: Cyber Insurance

Thu, May 23rd 2024

Boxx insurance collaborates with Zurich to introduce an advanced cyber risk solution for individuals and families in Switzerland.

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BOXX Insurance Inc. is a global leader in cyber protection, offering insurance and security solutions to businesses, individuals, and families. The globally recognized Insurtech company, has teamed up with Zurich Insurance Group to introduce a sophisticated cyber risk solution in Switzerland claims a press release. This initiative aims to deliver comprehensive digital protection for individuals and families.

Developed by BOXX Insurance and designed by Zurich Insurance, that is now available in Switzerland. The app supports multiple languages, including English, German, French, and Italian, ensuring broad accessibility.

In response to the increasing need for robust digital threat protection, Zurich Insurance research found that around 25% of individuals had experienced a cyber-attack. This collaboration with BOXX Insurance aims to address these issues by providing tools that help users predict and prevent digital threats.

The app offers a range of features designed to safeguard users’ digital lives. These include identity protection, secure VPN, secure WiFi, safe browsing, device protection, password management, educational content, and emergency support from cybersecurity experts.

This partnership is a significant milestone for BOXX Insurance, enhancing its ability to deliver advanced cyber protection solutions. The app aims to ensure that users can protect their devices and data effortlessly, both at home and on the go, by providing easy access to essential cybersecurity tools.

Zurich Insurance has been working with BOXX since 2021, having invested in the company’s Series A and Series B funding rounds. As part of Zurich Global Ventures, BOXX continues to expand its collaboration with Zurich, improving digital safety for Swiss customers.

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